14 Oct

Job Interview Mistakes

What’s going to get you a call-back after the interview? Nothing, if you can’t avoid these mistakes. Step up your dedication to your career success by following these tips on how to not suck at a job interview.  If you want a great job, you have to prove to interviewers that you’d make a great employee. Make them want to invest in you and they will. However, if you come off as incapable, rude, or unprepared, you will lose their interest.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made at an interview? Have you ever done something silly, like trip over a chair?  Things like that may not even matter in the long run- it’s a human mistake. However, if your mistake is an indicator that you don’t approach the interview (and, by proxy, the job) with thought and care, it’s far worse than looking silly. Look at every interview as a chance to earn something. In this case, the reward is a job and you earn it by being prepared, capable, and qualified.  If you’re treating job interviews as gambles- as something where your effort won’t affect the outcome, then you’re already starting at a great disadvantage.

Don’t do that to yourself. Use the tips in this infographic to prepare you with a strong foundation for interview success.  Better yet, start off by using the career training available through The Paralegal Institute at Brighton College to prepare yourself with impressive career knowledge and then pair that with the tips listed here to grab an even better career. Success isn’t something that’s just going to fall in your lap.  It’s something that you have to prepare yourself for. Don’t let those opportunities slip through your fingers. Contact us today to see how you can set yourself up for success in the legal field.  Do your future self a favor.