21 Dec

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New Year's Resolution

Is there a secret to keeping a resolution? Maybe not, but there are plenty of things that will help you keep on track while understanding why it can be so hard to achieve your goals.

Willpower is Limited

Your willpower is like a muscle, which means it can get exhausted. Strengthen it with small, consistent challenges.

Not Focused on the Journey

You can’t lose 10 pounds by not eating healthy and never working out. Turn the habit- not the result- into your goal instead.

You’re Indecisive

Making a resolution because it seems like a good idea won’t get you anywhere. Only set goals that you specifically want to achieve.

Peer Pressure

If your friends aren’t ambitious enough for their own resolutions, at least make sure they respect yours and don’t encourage cheating.

Remove Obstacles

Get rid of the things in your way. Give someone else all the sweets in your house. Take the batteries out of the remote.

Get Excited

Breaking bad habits and starting new ones is rough. Focus how great it will be when you achieve your goal.

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