Program Overview

Accredited Online Legal Nurse Consultant Program

Medicine law concept. Gavel and stethoscope isolated on whiteHave you been searching for a quality online legal nurse consultant program? The Paralegal Institute’s Legal Nurse Consultant program includes the specialized areas of Legal Research, Legal Analysis and Writing, Legal Nurse Consulting, Litigation and Trial Practice, and Torts: Personal Injury Law. These programs will provide a foundation of legal nurse consultant knowledge to students who possess the R.N., B.S.N., or M.D. credential.

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The Legal Nurse Consultant program builds on your medical education and experience. It empowers you with the legal theory, terminology, and procedural insight needed to enhance your qualifications and become a successful legal nurse consultant. Check out the list of Legal Nurse Consultant courses the Paralegal Institute has to offer.

The Paralegal Institute’s career development programs are designed to meet the needs of the legal assistant. Students taking these programs receive the training that allows them to use these skills in all fifty states.

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Legal nurse consultants are individuals who have not only received the R.N., B.S.N., or M.D. credential, but have broadened their knowledge and received specialized training in the field of law-related matters.

The list of responsibilities assumed by the legal nurse consultant is ever expanding as the medical field continues to grow and the need for skilled and versatile legal staff is on the rise. Legal nurse consultants compile and correlate legal research; prepare and interpret legal documents; interview clients; assist in investigation—all the while using their much needed medical knowledge.

Duration of the Legal Nurse Consultant Program

We offer open enrollment, thus you can register at any time. The average time to complete the LNC program is 10 months with a maximum time to complete of 15 months. Although completion depends largely on the study schedule you set for yourself, we recommend that you maintain a consistent submission of lessons.

Become part of The Paralegal Institute’s Legal Nurse Consultant program today. With our great selection of Legal Nurse Consultant classes, our flexible payment plans, and the freedom you get from being able to complete the program on your own time, the choice is simple.

Course Outline

What courses are in the Legal Nurse Consultant program?

The following courses are included in the Legal Nurse Consultant program. Courses are released one at a time to maximize learning. The Legal Nurse Consultant program has a total of 20 credit hours.

Course ID Course Name Credit Hours
LGS 108 Legal Research 3 Credit Hours
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of legal research. The student will not only learn research tools and techniques necessary to find actual laws, but also how to use the various secondary materials that assist in the research process. Some of the topics covered are case reporters, digests, codes, annotated codes, annotated reporters, citators, loose-leaf services, legal encyclopedias, treatises, and computerized research services. As part of the course, students enrolled in Legal Research receive a subscription to Westlaw online legal library. Students have the opportunity to take a series of tutorials to learn effective online research skills. Upon successful completion, students receive a Paralegal Training Certificate from Thomson-West.
LGS 208 Legal Analysis and Writing 3 Credit Hours
A requisite for the capable legal assistant is the ability to prepare professional legal documents. This comprehensive course provides the student with in-depth knowledge of the fundamentals of legal analysis and writing. Students will first examine an overview of the legal system, including analytic principles and the legal process. They will learn the specifics of legal analysis, including statutory analysis, case law and briefing, identifying and stating the issue, case application and counter analysis. Emphasis on application of these key principles in legal writing will allow students to prepare interoffice memorandums, court briefs and general legal correspondence. Students have the opportunity to take a series of tutorials to learn effective online research skills. Upon successful completion, students receive a Paralegal Training Certificate from Thomson-West.
LNC 201/202 Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles and Practice 8 Credit Hours
This core course includes in-depth coverage of topics in the legal nurse consultant’s role in professional negligence, product liability, toxic tort, criminal litigation, life care planning and damage assessment, the nurse as expert witness, working with experts, preparation for and evaluation of deposition and trial testimony, principles of legal writing, legal theory, medical record and case analysis, medical literature research, client interviews and communication, independent medical examinations, discovery/disclosure, alternative dispute resolution and medication, trial preparation, and trial. Also covered are the legal nurse consultant’s role in the insurance industry and in risk management, business principles, ethics, professionalism, and standard practices for legal nurse consultants.
LGS 110 Litigation and Trial Practice 3 Credit Hours
This course provides comprehensive coverage of the civil litigation practice for paralegals. It provides detailed information on the litigation process from the pre-suit investigation to the appeal. Special emphasis is made on the role of the lawyer and those responsibilities that may be delegated to the legal assistant. Attention is given to litigation principles, lawyer and client relationship and ethics, gathering evidence, deposition, preparation for a civil trial, structure of a civil trial, judgments, and appeals.
LGS 301 Torts: Personal Injury Litigation 3 Credit Hours
This fascinating specialty will expose the student to the duties and responsibilities owed by the individuals to their fellow citizens. Torts deal with civil wrongs, and your studies will illustrate and explain the many different types of tort recoveries that are allowed by law. You will learn the elements required to prove each tort, and defenses which may be posed, and a step-by-step strategy for the preparation and settlement for each type of action. Whether your tort theory is based on negligence, products liability, libel, slander or malpractice, you will be guided through the entire process of personal injury litigation.

The role of legal nurse consultants is continuously growing as the medical field expands, and the need for this group of skilled and versatile legal staff is on the rise. If you’d like to become part of this talented group of professionals, request information or enroll in the Legal Nurse Consultant program today. Our Legal Nurse Consultant program will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to become a successful part of this exciting field.

Tuition and Fees

Application Fee is $50.

The total price for the Legal Nurse Consultant program is $4,000.

Total Tuition $3,900
Enrollment Fee $100
Total Sales Price $4,000

Payment Plans

  • Full Payment Plan: Pay in full and receive a $200 discount. You pay a total program price of of $3,800.
  • Automatic Payment Plan: Pay 10 interest-free monthly payments of $400, for a total program price of $4,000.
  • Extended Payment Plan: Choose this plan and pay 20 interest-free monthly payments of $199, and a final payment of $20, for a total program price of $4,000. Payments will automatically be charged monthly to your credit card.

All academic and financial obligations to the school must be made prior to release of final transcripts and diploma.

Financial Assistance

The programs at The Paralegal Institute@Brighton College are approved for Veteran’s benefits. The Paralegal Institute@Brighton College also works with many employer’s Tuition Reimbursement programs as well as various Workforce Development and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. To find out if you qualify for these programs, call our office at 1.800.354.1254 for more information.


Change of Program $50
Additional Transcript $10
Late Payment $25
Returned Check / Declined Credit Card $25
Academic Extension* $500
Re-Admission Fee $200


All textbooks are included in the Legal Nurse Consultant diploma program. Ebooks will be utilized when available. Courses are taken one at a time, and textbooks are delivered as new courses are released to the student.

*Program Extensions

The Legal Nurse Consultant Diploma program offered at The Paralegal Institute is designed to be completed in a maximum time of 12 months. Extensions beyond the required time to complete a program will only be approved for students who have maintained satisfactory academic progress, have paid in full, or are current with their payment plan during the time period of the program. Students must have completed 50% of the course in order to be considered for an extension.

There is no fee for the first program extension of up to 6 months. If a student exhausts the time period of the first program extension, he or she may request a second program extension of up to 6 months for a fee of $500. For complete details on academic extensions, refer to the School Catalog.