Program Overview

Online Legal Nurse Consultant Professional Development Program

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Have you been searching for a quality online Legal Nurse Consultant Program? You’ve come to the right place, as the Paralegal Institute’s experience in designing programs in legal education makes us the experts in this competitive field. Today, The Paralegal Institute has designed a program that includes the Principles and Practices of Legal Nurse Consulting, which are the foundation for this competitive and lucrative career. In fact, since we want to be your partner for the rest of your educational career, the Legal Nurse Consultant Professional Development courses provide a solid foundation of Legal Nurse Consultant knowledge to students who possess an R.N., B.S.N., or M.D. credential.

The Legal Nurse Consultant courses build on your medical education and experience. It empowers you with the legal theory, terminology, and procedural insight needed to enhance your qualifications and become a successful legal nurse consultant.

The Paralegal Institute’s LNC Professional Development courses are designed to meet the needs of a new LNC professional. Students taking these programs receive the training that allows them to use these skills in all 50 states.

The list of responsibilities assumed by the legal nurse consultant is ever-expanding as the medical field continues to grow and the need for skilled and versatile legal staff is on the rise. Legal nurse consultants compile and correlate legal research, prepare and interpret legal documents, interview clients, assist in investigation—all the while using their much-needed medical knowledge.


Duration of the Legal Nurse Consultant Programs

We offer open enrollment; thus, you can register at any time. The average time to complete the LNC Professional Development program is 4 months:

Although completion depends largely on the study schedule you set for yourself, we recommend that you maintain a consistent submission of 3 lessons per week.

Become part of The Paralegal Institute’s Legal Nurse Consultant program today. With our great selection of Legal Nurse Consultant classes, our flexible payment plans, and the freedom you get from being able to complete the program on your own time, the choice is simple!

Completing the Program Successfully!

  • No module post-test
  • Complete all modules within each area of LNC expertise
  • Achieve a satisfactory score of 80% or better on courses quizzes/exams

Course Outline

What modules are in the Legal Nurse Consultant program?

The following modules are included in the Legal Nurse Consultant Professional Development Program

Course ID Course Name
LNC 201 Legal Nurse Consulting: Principles
This core course includes in-depth coverage on topics on the Legal Nurse Consultant’s role. Topics include professional negligence, product liability, toxic tort, criminal litigation, life care planning and damage assessment, the nurse as expert witness, working with experts, preparation for and evaluation of deposition and trial testimony, medical records and case analysis, medical literature research, client interviews and communication, independent medical examinations, discovery/disclosure, alternative dispute resolution and mediation, trial preparation and trial practice, and the Legal Nurse Consultant’s role in the insurance industry and in risk management. The course includes guidance on business principles for the Legal Nurse Consultant: ethics, professionalism, and standard practices.

  • Section I. Standards of Care, Entry into Practice and Certification, Standards of Practice and Professionalism
  • Section II. Medical Malpractice Claims
  • Section III. Accessing Medical Records
  • Section IV. Communicating with Clients in Medical Malpractice Arena
  • Section V. Legal Writing and Research of Medical Records and Analysis
  • Section VI. Trial Preparation and Process
  • Section VII. Personal Injury, Product Liability and Forensic Cases
LNC 202 Legal Nurse Consulting: Practices
This course is a continuation of LNC 201, the course introduces the student to the role of an LNC as an expert witness, business owner and a law firm. The student learns how to research criminal cases, as the role of a case manager, and issues that may arise in the Insurance Industry. The student can navigate through insurance claims, and other areas of administrative law and Medicare, along with life care planning, pediatric cases, and neonatal nursing. Finally, the student can have an overview of advance practice, critical cases, workers compensation and community-based care. Prerequisite: LNC 201

  • Section I. The LNC as an Expert Witness
  • Section II. The LNC Role as Business Owner and Law Firm
  • Section III. The LNC Role in Criminal Cases, as a Case Manager, and in the Insurance Industry
  • Section IV. Claims, Administrative Law and Medicare
  • Section V. Life Care Planning, Pediatric Cases and Neonatal Nursing
  • Section VI. Advance Practice and Critical Cases
  • Section VII. Workers Compensation and Community Based Care

Tuition and Fees

The total price for the Legal Nurse Consultant program is $1,950.00.

All academic and financial obligations to the school must be made prior to release of final transcripts and diploma.

Financial Assistance

The programs at The Paralegal Institute@Brighton College are approved for Veterans benefits. The Paralegal Institute@Brighton College also works with many employers’ Tuition Reimbursement programs as well as various Workforce Development and Vocational Rehabilitation programs. To find out if you qualify for these programs, call our office at 1.800.354.1254 for more information.


Change of Program $50
Additional Transcript $10
Late Payment $25
Returned Check / Declined Credit Card $25
Academic Extension* $500
Re-Admission Fee $200


Unless a third-party funding source is covering your material costs, you are responsible for purchasing your own textbooks and/or materials. You can purchase from any vendor of your choosing and Brighton College will supply you with a list of preferred vendors that offer competitive pricing. We recommend purchasing textbooks one course at a time since updated versions are periodically released. The estimated cost based on our ebook supplier is $323.16 for this program. This price may vary depending on the vendor you choose.


Complimentary Membership

One-year paid membership to Juris Educational Resource Knowledge

Juris Educational Resource Knowledge is a group of Legal Nurse Consultants that uses a forum and e-mail service to brainstorm, educate one another and provide professional and personal support.

The membership includes:

The option of a “mentor buddy”. Senior members whose expertise will be at the reach of Brighton students. Examples of the type of help one can find includes, “Can I post this to the list?” or “How does this report look”, thus help you in your educational and business career, with the ongoing goal of continue to grow.

An archive platform in which you will find reports, affidavits, case examples, etc. A true “how to approach to the LNC” career.

Monthly Webinars conducted by true professionals in the field, which will make you finish your degree even faster and begin practicing what you’ve learned!

As part of your membership you will be able to stay in touch with established LNCs, whose practices may be able to offer internships and employment after graduation.

  • FIG Education discounts for healthcare continuing education
  • Discounts with Word Rake, Lexis Nexis, FIG, and others
  • Continuing Education Credits
  • Annual Conference with 16 CEUs provided

If this was not enough Brighton College realizes that every new student has questions about how to stay current in their profession, and what is new in nursing law, and unique cases. Brighton College saw the need to add this amazing tool to your already valuable enrollment tools, and we’ve added this additional tool to get you on your way!

One-year subscription to “Legal Eagle Eye Newsletter” for The Nursing Profession. A link has been provided, which you can access right now, which will show you the type of information you will receive as part of your enrollment packet.

No one truly knows his/her true potential, but Brighton College does, therefore we’ve added these invaluable professional tools, which will make your future even brighter!!!

We can’t wait to have you enjoy the benefits all our students in the program are currently benefiting from and using in their LNC career!