paralegal institute online learning programs imagePursuing an online distance education program at Brighton College allows you to choose when you study, so the rest of your busy life can run smoothly. We have a wide variety of accredited online programs for you to choose from in the growing business and allied health fields. Contact Brighton College today for more information about our online distance education programs.


Programs Offered

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Online Classroom Delivery Method

At Brighton College, the courses are delivered through an online classroom with students taking one course at a time. In order to complete the program in the required amount of time, we recommend students make a schedule that allows completion of the lessons for each course in no longer than 6—8 weeks per course. Depending on the student’s schedule, motivation, and credit hours of the course, some courses will take more time than others. The instructors and Student Services representatives will help students stay on track, but students must always keep in mind that they must complete the program in the maximum amount of time as set out in the catalog and enrollment agreement.

In each course, students participate in discussion boards allowing a combination of interaction with faculty and fellow students. This interaction, in conjunction with prescribed course assignments comprised of quizzes, writing assignments, and case studies, is designed to facilitate the student’s successful completion of each course in a manner that supports the attainment of his/her long-term academic goals.

Time Commitment

Brighton College has open enrollment and you may enroll and begin your program at any time. Students may proceed through their program as quickly as desire, time, and ability permit. It is recommended that students devote 15–20 hours per week to their studies. Each course must be completed in 8 weeks. Students must maintain satisfactory progress according to the following guidelines:

  • The average time to complete the associate degree is 2–2½ years.
  • A student is allowed a maximum time of 30 months to complete an associate degree.
  • The average time to complete a diploma program in Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Medical Coding and Billing, Medical Records Technician, Medical Transcription, and Medical Transcription and Coding is 12 months. A student is allowed a maximum time of 18 months to complete one of these diplomas.
  • The average time to complete a Legal Nurse Consultant program is 18–24 months. A student is allowed a maximum time of 24 months to complete the Legal Nurse Consultant program.
  • The average time to complete a Paralegal Diploma is 12–18 months. A student is allowed a maximum time of 18 months to complete a diploma program.