26 Aug

When people think of jobs in the field of criminal justice, positions like police officer, corrections professionals or even fish and game warden. However, there are a variety of positions outside of those affiliated with the government you could pursue with this degree. Let’s take a look at just some of the non-government criminal justice careers that are available.

Bounty Hunter

These workers are typically independent contractors, rather than working for any particular agency or organization. They don’t always require a degree, but an education in criminal justice could help to get you hired. Bounty hunters search for wanted criminals or individuals with an arrest warrant. They are paid a percentage of the bail for the wanted individual.
Crime Prevention Specialist

These specialists assist companies and organizations in various ways. They may provide security consultation, install security equipment, monitor security systems or teach crime prevention workshops. Crime prevention specialists may also analyze crime patterns and statistics in order to create strategies for minimizing crime.

Insurance Investigator

These investigators research and investigate claims for insurance companies. They utilize skills learned through their customer service training in order to determine whether false claims have been reported. This kind of false activity is considered fraud and comes with criminal penalties.

Loss Prevention Officer
The position of loss prevention officer is one that comes with a great deal of job security, as these duties require a trained individual to perform them and cannot be automated through the use of electronic surveillance equipment.Those pursuing a career as a loss prevention officer will usually be employed by a retail store, though they also work for private companies. Their primary role is to prevention the theft of merchandise or company property by customers or employees. Loss prevention officers can work directly for the store or company. They may also be hired by a third-party employer specializing in placing such professionals.

Private Investigator

Those wishing to have a great deal of personal freedom and to help people obtain information on missing relatives, determine the activity of a loved one such as a spouse suspected of infedility or prove the fraudulent activity of an individual may wish to look into becoming a private investigator. These jobs are not usually as rigid or as subject to bureaucracy as typical law enforcement positions. A PI works for an independent agency to provide information to clients through surveillance or other investigative methods.

Security Guard3

These criminal justice professionals work for private organizations or properties to guard against burglary, petty theft or other crimes. They monitor and inspect buildings and property in order to deter trespassers from engaging in criminal activity. They may patrol on foot or provide electronic surveillance. Security guards are needed in nearly any business, residential complex or retail establishment. Thus, there are often jobs available.

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