30 Dec

You’ve made the decision to pursue a career in criminal justice, and you’ve taken the first important step towards your goal: you’ve enrolled in a program like the one at Brighton Online College’s Paralegal Institute to earn your first accreditation and learn everything you can about your chosen field. You’ve arranged your finances and you’ve created time to really drill down and study, whether it’s making sure the kids are in bed or asking your boss to let you work a different shift so you can do your coursework when you aren’t tired. Have you got it all covered? Well, yes and no.

There is another aspect of learning about the criminal justice system that can be incredibly helpful to you: blogs about your field. As you know, the field of criminal justice encompasses a wide variety of career choices from law enforcement to Homeland Security to Parole officer; and in all the different fields there is one constant – they are always changing to adjust to the needs of the public and the agencies they serve. Finding a few blawgs (AKA law blogs) that are both interesting and informative about all aspects of your specific career direction can be an invaluable part of your learning experience.

Here are some blawgs you should keep in mind:

Criminal Justice Students

The Criminal Justice Degree, College and Career Blog is an excellent reference and source for all different aspects of what to expect and where to look for the program that is right for your needs. It has a partial but growing list of programs in various states, explanations of the different degrees available and blog posts about everything from choosing a school, to the application process, financial advice and requirements for accreditation and certification.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) puts out its own blog called Justice Blogs. Highly informative and inclusive, this is a must-read blog that ranges very widely over issues involved in the field. Its comprehensive search feature is your best path to any topic you want to read about, including cybercrime, drug crimes, human trafficking, tribal justice, consumer crimes, intellectual property, environmental crimes and many, many more pertinent topics. Posts here are longer than most and packed with information; and since this blog is updated nearly daily, it’s always up to date.

Are you current in your knowledge of the types of crimes committed and the numbers attached to them? Check out Crimes in America for the latest facts and figures on length of prison terms broken down by ethnicity and race, for news about reward offers, statistics on aggravated assaults and rapes, the efficacy of neighborhood foot patrols, bodycam programs for police departments, crime prevention tips, crime statistics, the country’s most dangerous cities and leading news from different corrections departments. If you want to stay up to date with your facts and figures regarding crime nationwide, this blog is an excellent reference tool.

Written by someone with unusual expertise, former felon and CPA Sam E. Antar, the White Collar Fraud Blog is an inside look at how crimes are planned and committed and has been named one of the top 25 criminal investigative blogs by the Huffington Post. Antar takes on the big companies – calling out Overstock.com for fraudulent accounting practices that led the company to materially overstate earnings and inflate its financial performance claims. This blog tackles tough legal cases including Bitcoin money laundering, insider trading, and congressmen and judges who have committed crimes that range from adultery to drug abuse.

If you are already a student at Brighton Online college – or if you are considering enrolling – the school has its own has its own blog for students and anyone who is looking to learn more about the field of Criminal Justice or Paralegal studies Topics range from single parenting when you are taking online courses to jobs available to you once you have completed your courses and earned your certificate or degree.

The knowledge you acquire as you prepare to enter the field of criminal justice is not just limited to coursework and studies. Blogs that are built around the subject matter can be just as informative and important to your new career path as any other learning format – as long as the blogs have been checked out and vetted. Getting a jump on specific topics and areas of interest makes you a better, more confident student, one who has a real-world grasp of the field as well as a factual classroom education.

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