23 Mar

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Get over your fears


6 Ways to Conquer Your Fear of Change

Making a big change in your life like changing careers can be terrifying. Even ordering something different off the menu at your favorite restaurant can be scary. Here’s some tips to help you get more out of life by setting your fear of change to the side.


  1. Try taking small steps at first. Talk to someone who is successful in the career you want or find another small way to get acquainted with the change you want to make.
  2. Weigh your options. How bad can it get if you do decide to change? How good can it be if you decide not to? Maybe the worst outcome of change is better than the best outcome of staying.
  3. Have a plan for moving forward with your change. Situations can become less frightening when it feels like you are in control of what is happening.
  4. Accept your fear. Your brain is just trying to warn you about anything that could go wrong. Listen to it and keep those thoughts in mind when weighing your options.
  5. Trust yourself (and your gut). Listen to your intuition. Sometimes your gut feeling is really just the best way to go.
  6. Ask yourself if it’s reasonable to wait. Many times we tell ourselves we’ll make a change later and then never do. If you don’t have to wait, then don’t!

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