25 Feb

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Many attorneys out there are quite aware of the value of a Registered Nurse evaluating their cases. Any case an attorney is working with that deals with medical issues should be evaluated by a medical professional. These types of cases include medical malpractice cases, personal injury, workers’ compensation, criminal, product liability, and even social security.

There are three top reasons to utilize a Legal Nurses Consultant on your cases involving medical issues:

  1. Screening Cases – The Legal Nurse Consultant will very thoroughly and succinctly evaluate the medicals on these cases and provide the attorney with the specific details of the case, the related standard of care issues and the strengths and weakness of the case.
  2. Expert Location – The Legal Nurse Consultant is also an excellent resource for obtaining that “perfect” expert witness for your case. Although it may seem obvious as to what expert is required for the case, there may be an expert that would be an even “better fit.” For example, if there is an issue revolving around EMS and the emergency department, an MD that is an emergency department provider, but is also the Director of an EMS system may be a “better fit” for the case.
  3. Medical Literature Resource – The Legal Nurse Consultant has been involved in medical research his/her whole nursing career. As Legal Nurse Consultants, we have honed in on the specific techniques of research to quickly obtain detailed medical information. Not only are we skilled in obtaining the needed medical literature, we have the database resources many attorneys do not have.